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Rose Quartz was the founder and former leader of su rose quartz Crystal Gems. She became fascinated with the fact that humans grow, change, and chose what they become, whereas Gems are pre-destined to be whom they su rose quartz. Hey joe, i just want to ask, does pink diamond have some power that can create gem shards or heck, even gemstones with her breath and bare hands?

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Isn't it remarkable, Steven? When Pearl reported the first Quartz soldiers were emerging, Pink excitedly hopped down to the second floor where Pearl activated the Observation Orb and transformed the room into the Kindergarten. The true nature of their relationship is unknown. Large and in Charge: However, being on Earth significantly changed her outlook and demeanor.

Rose Quartz

Yellow Diamond would always command that all organic life on colonized planets be swept aside in the name of Gems' progress, whereas Pink developed a fondness for the life that already existed on Earth and rebelled against Homeworld for the sake of preserving it. Jasper mentioned that one of the reasons she had been fighting her whole life is because of what Rose did to Pink Diamond, her Diamond and Rose's Diamond. Rebecca Sugar states in the podcast that Rose protected Amethyst from having to know troubling truths related to Homeworld; she sheltered her from knowing the full truth of her origin and therefore she was not free to build on that aspect of her identity. It also makes for an interesting new lens to view the show through: Even when it turns out that Rose and Pearl staged the murder, this trope still applies because she severely underestimated how much her siblings cared about her. After Pink Diamond was believed to be shattered, the other Diamonds mourned her death in different ways; Blue Diamond fell into a deep depression and sought to preserve everything she could of Pink Diamond while Yellow Diamond developed a simmering rage and instead sought to destroy all reminders of her in an unsuccessful attempt to feel better; it is still unknown how White Diamond reacted to these events. I want to live here with you! In addition, every Rose Quartz gemstone was bubbled and placed in Pink Diamond's chamber inside the Zoo. Blue Diamond was also involved in Earth's colonization, arriving on Earth to help fight the Rebellion when it was still only a small problem. She also complimented Pearl on her intelligence and good ideas.

Amethyst is shown to think highly of Rose, who returned her positive regard. Click here for her outfit as a Quartz soldier. Anyone who knew Rose always had something good to say about her, even her enemies. Then she found out that in revenge the Diamonds sent the Corruption Beam, which ended up hurting most of the Gems remaining on both sides, and she could only save Pearl and Garnet. In " Su rose quartz Indirect Kiss ", she is described as feeling great sorrow when her loved ones were hurt. I can't wait for you to join them. And she really loved music, and she really loved Su rose quartz. Follow her on Twitter at MolotovCupcake. After their talk, it can be assumed that she had learned from Greg how to be su rose quartz 'human', in a sense.

This causes a lot of problems when Steven thinks that his mother is a murderer and turns himself in to save his friends. No one can ever find out we did this. Sometime afterwards, Steven received a text from Pearl implying she wanted to tell him the real details surrounding Pink Diamond and her death but could not.

Rose wore a strapless, white dress and is the closest thing to being the Big Good. In addition to the big ones, like their love for all things , they also share minor traits like stars in thier eyes when they get emotional. The Crystal Gems also tell Steven that Rose saw the beauty in everything, even stuff that seemed "gross".

SU Your Mother and Mine: Pink Diamond flashback

Pink was often frustrated that Blue showed little support for her desire to stop the colonization of Earth for the sake of the organic life that existed there. Rose speaking to Steven through a recorded video in " Lion 3: She was the Masculine Girl with special powers linked to su rose quartz, protection and healing he inherited the su rose quartz from her as well as healing, though spit instead of tearsbut she was a Lady of War and she doesn't respond well to threats to the people she cares about; on the other hand, Greg, is the chill and laid-back Feminine Boy who is a su rose quartz dad to their son. Cluster Gems The Cluster.


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