How and how often to water your plants


Many houseplants go through phases of growth when they require more or less water. Article Info Featured Article Categories: Select a City Close. To learn how to choose the best containers to grow indoor plants in, scroll down! Keep track of how much water you use from one time to the next so you can get an idea how much is the right amount.

How to water houseplants

In general, water from the top so that the water can soak down through the soil. Customer service opening hours: Wait until the soil has dried out again. Your payment is safe with us. Be careful that you don't add too much water or you could overwater your plants and damage the roots.

Watering Houseplants

Some plants like more water than others, some like less. Generally, try to water houseplants the way they would get get moisture in their natural environments. Still others prefer consistently moist soil. Pots with a solid bottom can cause water to pool and the roots can rot if soaked for too long. Have trouble remembering to water your houseplants? Let the plant drain, then dump the excess water from the saucer. Your payment is safe with us. If the mix is dry as a bone, water. Plants should be matched to a container of the right size to ensure that water is distributed efficiently. If you've forgotten to water a plant and its soil has pulled away from the sides of the pot, push the soil back in place before watering.

Not every type of houseplant has the same watering needs, so educate yourself on the plants you have or are thinking of buying. Otherwise, water will pour straight down the gap to the saucer under the pot. Although it may be easiest to water on a set routine that you have decided, plants are not likely to thrive when watered this way. Feeding plants In the growing season, plants need food how often to water indoor plants well as water. Third transfer the plant carefully and cover the roots fast with dirt. Sometimes, plants do need days or weeks of dry soil period. Firstly, stick your how often to water indoor plants into het stift potting mix, down to your knuckle. It helps keep them healthy. The opposite is true for a few houseplants, which may need little watering in spring and summer, and quite a bit of water during their active period in fall and winter. Signs you are or will make a good parent.

When you're ready to water your plants, pour room-temperature water evenly across the surface of the soil. Featured Today In Travel. Wet-loving plants may need water once the soil surface dries.

You can follow few general rules and tips to follow a regime for watering indoor plants. For city water, you can fill an open container and let the water sit for a day or so, which allows the chemicals to evaporate before you use it on your plants. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Check the soil consistently and learn how often it tends to dry out and water on that schedule.

How to water a plant.... the right way!

Indoor plants, or houseplants, have different needs than plants grown outside. Firstly, stick your finger into the potting mix, down to your knuckle. Fashion experiments of


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