Ask Nell: Why Are My Giant Bird Of Paradise Leaf Edges Turning Brown?


The other section of leaves are perfectly fine. In windy conditions, the mature leaves will split even more. The plant is indoors but on top of my staircase and it get lots of light from windows that are right over and aside from the plant.

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Love the video on the white bird of paradise. When the tips of the leaves start dying, a few common causes are: Hi Nell my orange bird of paradise has not grown since I put it in the ground 2 years ago. Is it growing indoors?

What should I do? Do I bring it back in? I guess I need to give it some tender loving care or I will lose it. Hi Anita I believe that is a fungal disease. I hope this helps, Nell. Especially when growing indoors, the leaves of a BOP will curl as a reaction to repotting. I water maybe every 2to 3 weeks when I feel top of soil is dry. I am quite hopeless in the garden.

Am I limited to growing it in a pot and moving it to a shaded area during the hotter months? I loved this video and I hope it helps my plant. What can I do to fix it? My plant had, finally, after five years bird of paradise leaf two flowers. I decided to put it out doors this summer and now the leaves are turning brown and curling a little. Classic christmas tree you scrape the spots off? It has bird of paradise leaf, made a change of location with us 11 yrs ago in the same pot, but I replanted it in the ground near a water spout. I bought a bird of paradise while out in San Diego about 17 yrs ago.

I hope this helps, Nell. The Giant Bird Of Paradise flowers are huge by the way.

Hi Nell, my indoor 2 yo bird of paradise was repotted recently and since then, the leaves have been drooping, so much so that the roots are being lifted up over the soil. One of them has sticky, substance dripping from the leaves onto my wooden floor all the time. Does anyone know why?

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Can you Please tell me the type of Plant I have and the little green and white one at the bottom. Hi, my giant bird of paradise is turning yellow all over and the leaves are drooping. I'm tickled pink to have you bird of paradise leaf Hi Mayra A bit of curling is normal for these plants.


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