Know your Claddagh from your Celtic Knot: Ultimate Guide to Irish Jewelry


In Ireland and the United States, the Claddagh is gifted from mother to daughter, and grandmother to granddaughter. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. At the center, it features a woven square with four arms extending outwards. Celtic Knot Vector Celtic knot shamrocks 7.

How to Decorate Shamrock and Celtic Knot Cookies

Everything about a piece of jewelry had meaning, most importantly the metal it was crafted from and its engravings and design. Like the Celtic Cross, its influence extends back beyond Christianity to the pagan sun cross. The Trinity Knot is a religious symbol with both pagan and Christians heritage. Thanks for your inquiry.

Celtic Knot Vector Image 7. Reed crosses are traditionally crafted on the feast day and hung in the Irish home to protect from evil forces, especially fire. The symbolism of the 5th century Celtic Cross extends beyond the traditional Christian cross. Connemara Marble Jewelry 8 August, Jewelry was a powerful force in Celtic society. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In the 20th century, the Claddagh design moved beyond the ring to feature on many other jewelry pieces and items, like this beautiful locket. This is a new one on me-I have never heard of individual counties having their own cross.

The strict rules governing the wearing of Celtic knot shamrocks brooches reveals much about the use of jewelry to communicate status. My question is this… is there such a thing of each Counties having their own cross symbol stating their County liken the tartans symbolizing the clans? Many Ogham letters were inspired by trees, so central to the old Irish life and imagination. Sterling Silver Connemara Marble St. This site uses cookies. Lulu O'Sullivan 16 March, corporate gifting Everything about a piece of jewelry had meaning, most importantly the celtic knot shamrocks it was crafted from and its engravings and design. I am really curious. Constantly searching celtic knot shamrocks four corners of our beloved island to find you the finest Aran knitwear, stunning Celtic jewelry and the cream of Irish arts and crafts from highly skilled artisans as well as all your favorite iconic Irish brands. Ultimate Guide to Irish Jewelry.

The Claddagh became popular for the beauty and meaning of the design: The branches grow upwards towards heaven.

Worn by people of high status, jewelry had supernatural properties that kept its wearers safe and blessed. You may also like. The branches grow upwards towards heaven.

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Celtic Knot Free Vector. You may also like. Ultimate Guide to Irish Jewelry. Like many pieces of Celtic jewelry, St.


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