We are a team of artist who love what we do & try to help others do the same.

It's been a year since HIBANA STUDIO was formed & so, like any other professional artists, we decided to make our website. 

The idea of having our own website was cool, however there was a big problem. The problem was even if we made a website we would probably go unnoticed, & would have to pass out millions of business cards that would eventually go to the trash or be used as a roach. (The thought of the paper having some form of use was comforting)

Then we begin to look around & found out that we were not the only ones struggling!

Friends of friends running their own business they started, friends hosting awesomely great underground parties, and other starving artist were all trying to live a life they love.

What donned on us is that most of these talented guys, girls, & others all go unknown to so many people who visit Matsumoto! 

So instead of making one just for ourselves, we decided to create a website for the city and for the ones we love.

....that includes you too.