The Sniffer

Just the other day this flyer was in our mailbox from NHK...

It took us a while to figure out that the coke-junkie-looking fellow to the right was the hero in the TV drama. 

We sometimes wonder why most anime & TV drama heroes are usually depicted as a social misfit according to Japanese standards, while on the other hand, in Japan out of TV you're shunned at an early age to even dream to be that person.

Why would they want to air something they're taught not to be?

Is it because Johnny Depp had a huge influence on acting with Captain Jack Sparrow?

Could it be that so many Japanese feel they just want to be themselves in front of their peers, like the hero in the TV series they watch. Thus creating a huge market for the TV stations to keep producing TV shows that has an oddball as the hero?

Or the Media has run out of ideas, so they remade a TV series of a dude sniffing about to solve mystery crime cases for people who are too board to do anything else but to watch TV.