Happy New Year! 2018 baby!

Maaaan, time flies so fast and things change so quickly. But there are somethings that stay the same no matter how the ages change. A few of them are songs of love and freedom, and  memories of times spent with your loved one or friends. 

Switch has the combination of both worlds that hardly ever change, reggae music and a relaxed bar to add more pleasant memories.




Happiness from North Korea

North Korea has been keeping a good reputation of shooting missiles over Japan, and was rare to hear an alarm go off because a missile has been launched. Usually if you hear any alarm it would be because an earthquake was going to hit or it was the bomb alarms being tested which also serve as a signal to the farmers that the time was 19:00 or 20:00(depending on the region the time differs).

However, in the past 2 weeks or so, two missiles were launched and both flew over Matsumoto. The alarm goes off in the morning, with a message saying to evacuate underground or inside. Its cool to stay safe but really, is there anywhere really safe??

So we thought,

"The hell with this! It's 7o'clock in the morning we're going to make ourselves a great breakfast and eat as if it was going to be our last. Heck! Why not listen to some Bee Gees and dance around in our PJs while we're at it."

Yes, the missiles can be scary and defiantly not good for anyone and this planet. But then again it reminds us that today can be our last. 

And that, is not a bad thing at all. Just staying aliiiiiive!

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a bit of change

Yes, it's been a long time since we posted something up but we're back and hopefully you haven't left us behind on your journey.

We made a few changes to the banner, and added an instagram wall, or grid, or whatever those things are called. (let us know what those grids are called)

 Do you think it's a bit too strong for the first thing on the page?? We'll see what happens.

Do you think it's a bit too strong for the first thing on the page?? We'll see what happens.

We also added an image and text for an introduction of this website. You could see it on the home page.

More places are coming up. Until then drink lots of water cuz it's 37 degrees outside. 

Now, throw your iphone in the pool and dive in after it.