人形 (Ningyou) = Doll


The only "NINGYOU" STORE in Japan that RECEIVES/produces custom-ordered dolls...

Since the Edo Period, Japanese have been wishing a good future and growth of their children in 5 seasonal festivals. These festivals are celebrated on January 7th, March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th, and September 9th. A festival will include a hinaningyou(雛人形), koinobori(鯉のぼり), or some kind of item/plant that symbolises the children.

This store at it’s core wishes the prosperity of the children and reunion of families. They are the only doll shop in Japan that produces custom-ordered dolls and provides festival related items carefully selected from the original makers. They also serve as an adviser to help you design your one-and-only doll and make it a reality.

The dolls are hand-made by crafts-men in Japan, designed for simplicity, easy storage, and quality that will last a life time.

OPEN 9:30-18:30

CLOSE Open all year around

TEL 0263-32-1770


〒390-0811 長野県松本市中央2丁目5−32