Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib Review


At 19 months, Hadley lotus everywhere travel crib already 30 pounds and we continue to use the Lotus. While probably not necessary given the lighter weight, the straps are comfortable and handy so that you can hold other things including your baby. The amount of stuff you find yourself taking for an overnight trip is laughable. The Lotus is fairly small for what it offers when open and the compact length means it may fit where the larger product won't. The Lotus Crib by Guava Family exceeded my expectations in all three lotus everywhere travel crib these areas.

MomsPSG Review of Lotus Family Guava One Fabulous Travel Crib

Living in New York City, where we have a tiny apartment, I truly appreciate its small footprint and even more compact storage size. Another feature worth noting is the breathable mesh siding. The fabric and mesh on the crib feel durable, and we didn't see any loose stitching or potential problems. Finally, place the mattress in the base.

Lotus Everywhere Review

The black carrying case is sleek and fits in nicely with our regular luggage while traveling. Guava offers more detailed information on the materials used in their travel crib than any of the other brands we tested. Such a great feature, and I love that we have the option to carry this crib right onto the plane. She still has plenty of room to grow in this space and has never been even close to being able to climb out. The sections below include details on how the Lotus performed compared to the competition during testing. Finally, place the mattress in the base. The Lotus Everywhere performed well in our tests for quality with an attention to detail during construction you can see when compared to the competition. Portability and ease of use were emphasized when calculating the overall score. Share Tweet Copy Link. A set of four Velcro tabs must be fed through narrow slits on the mattress sheet to the base of the crib to secure the mattress.

Setting the Lotus up only requires lotus everywhere travel crib few steps and is easier than some of the red envolope com though not as quick as others. At 19 months, Hadley is already 30 pounds and we continue to use the Lotus. They put their product through third-party testing when possible and work with high-quality materials when possible. When I started searching for a travel crib, I had three main criteria in mind: Simply unzip the bag, open the folded mattress, extend the lightweight metal legs of the crib and pull it out of the case. This crib is one of the smallest and lightest options we tested and is a good choice for parents that want a true travel-friendly option with significant features for eco-health. The lotus everywhere travel crib hold the fabric to the frame and function to open the side of the crib. Closing is harder, and sometimes the fold was too large to fit in the bag, and we aren't sure what we did wrong or what we did right when it fit without a problem. The Lotus Everywhere is the only product lotus everywhere travel crib tested that offered a hands-free carrying option like the backpack straps. I love the black and gray crib with a clean white crib mattress and sheet.

The Guava Family company moto is that "life should be spent together. The Lotus earned a 7 of 10 for quality.

This side-access can also be used to more comfortably place baby inside instead of bending over the top of the crib. The Lotus is fairly small for what it offers when open and the compact length means it may fit where the larger product won't. When she's not getting couples excited about finding their dream team of wedding vendors on The Knot, she's running around Central Park with her jogging stroller or taking her girls to the amazing museums in NYC dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum are the current go-to excursion.

Guava Family - Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

Knowing more about features and functionality can help you in deciding on what crib to buy. Share Tweet Copy Link. The company designers work to create products that are safe and not cumbersome.


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