7 Mosquito Repellent Plants


Or, do you have other scents that should be added to the list? Lavender mosquitoes these golden flowers in various places around your yard lavender mosquitoes keep mosquitoes at bay. Another multipurpose herb, rosemary can be used for many things other than seasoning. But toxic, so be careful.

THIS Essential Oil Is More Effective Than DEET For Repelling Insects!

Though lavender may be a favorite scent of many people, mosquitoes would disagree. Also can be used as an essential oil spray. To do this, simply cut off a few stems and rub them between your hands. Want to learn more about the amazing world of Australian mosquitoes? Studies have repeatedly shown that the most effective repellents are DEET and picaridin.

The Natural Mosquito Repellant That Will Make Your Yard Even More Beautiful

It just needs to be moist. Rosemary - buy now on Amazon. Have you tried any of these natural scent repellents? Another study found geraniol, the active compound in geranium oil, was actually more effective at repelling mosquitoes than linalool or even citronella. The Everything Lavender website has a guide for extracting the oil and making a lavender-infused body oil. They repel numerous insects that plague vegetable gardens, including slugs, aphids, carrot flies and cabbage worms. Aphids, mosquitoes and even rabbits don't like the smell of marigolds. The allium cernuum is not an irritant and is not known for any sort of reaction. By Christine Yoo Share:

Plant catnip in your garden as a backyard defense, or crush the leaves and rub them lavender mosquitoes on your skin. Garlic can even be mixed with natural aromatic oils in order to create a mosquito repelling body spray. A neighbor couple picnic great pleasure in telling me how ineffective mosquito repellents were. It has also makes an effective repellent when grown nearby. Be sure to keep the lavender mosquitoes away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Repel aphids, tomato hornworms, asparagus beetles, leafhoppers and squash bugs. Lavender mosquitoes well in partial or full sun with requiring rich soil. Pitcher plants, which grow in bogs in the wild, need a sunny area that stays moist, generally a difficult combination for home gardeners.

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Even though lavender is a smell often enjoyed by humans, lavender repels mosquitoes because mosquitoes dislike the scent lavender gives off. What can I eat to stop mosquitoes biting me? You can also simply plant it in your garden.

31 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

There is often some confusion regarding this product. Formulas are made to be gentle to the skin. The advantage of using lavender oil over other chemical repellents is that it is completely natural. If in doubt, or for frequent recurrences of the problem, call a professional pest control company such as Rentokil.

When Tested See Which Repellents Keep Mosquitoes Away Best?

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