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The bulbs I have received b and d lilies them have been freshly harvested, well packed and very large, plump and healthy. They respond to questions by e-mail very quickly. When potting lily bulbs use one gallon of potting soil per mature bulb into a container with ample drainage holes 8 to 12 inches deep. Does the sun shine directly for an hour or two? Removing old stems helps to control fungus spores in spring, plus gives a tidy look to your garden.


Always large bulbs and good value for money. Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus in blue, lavender, rose, and light pink begin flowering with the last of the Oriental lilies and continue into fall when Blueberries, Aronia, Maples, and Euonymus begin strutting their fall colors. They have a fantastic selection!

The scoop on 'B & D Lilies'

The new house gardens are so vast I'm sure I can find room for everything. Although pretty, the flowers will not be evenly spaced around the top of the stem. Their bulbs are very large, some are baseball size, and come well cared-for and in good shape. The lily stems on the left side of this photo are nicely spaced and the flowers will open fully with the maximum number of buds. I love this company for their lilies Positive Ispahan Chicago, IL Zone 6a 55 reviews November 21, I have now had two wonderful experiences ordering lily bulbs from this company. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to information and have excellent communication skills, both in writing and on the phone. Lilies for delivery starting in late March weather permitting through mid May, are listed in our new Spring Catalog Click above link to view catalog.

If you b and d lilies them at full height, they can be blown over by winter storms, creating a disheveled mess. Trialed under multi zonal garden conditions, you can now have even solid yellow "Orientals" for late summer bloom. Easy to grow Asiatic lilies to start the lily season in all areas with dependable color and reliability in even the most severe climate. Beautiful bulbs and great packaging. In July, light pastel, white, apricot, and orange Trumpets add a heady aroma in the garden; a single stem on a still day will announce its presence even when your eyes are closed. Also they did NOT ship at the normal time but waited for b and d lilies weather to get better. Positive yehudith silver spring, MD Zone 7a 6 reviews May 19, I just received my order a couple hours ago. Ground frozen for winter? Is that because bulbs plant b and d lilies fall are difficult to break the dormancy?

Positive nymegen Windham, ME Zone 5a 20 reviews April 14, This was the first time ordering from them and what a pleasant surprise Wonderful selection. To view all lilies mentioned in this posting, please click February 27, Newsletter and you will be sent to the corresponding page on our website. Put a small plastic label next to the bulb underground for future reference should the top label fade or be lost and cover your bulbs completely, lightly firming the soil.

Do tall deciduous trees filter the sun, creating patches of bright indirect light that move around depending on the hour? Oriental lily bulbs prefer slightly acid, well-drained soil. I am very pleased with the substitutes they sent for "crop failures" last fall.

Richelle & Lily Duet - The Next Step 6 Extended Dance

I was told" it wasn't easy to change addresses in the database", of course the second part of the order went to the old address too. I can always depend upon them for the best quality of bulbs. All the bulbs were well b and d lilies, carefully packaged and the bulbs were almost the size of softballs.


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