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Kasuga meets Nakamura after school in the library. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved August 16, The Flowers of Evil.


He also felt that Nagahama had deep insight into the story and that the anime along with the manga formed two versions of the story from his original idea. The end cards at the end of each episode were animated by Nagahama himself in traditional anime style to differentiate them and he made Oshimi's hair wave around to emulate flash animation. Kasuga meets Nakamura after school in the library. Kasuga then pleads Nakamura to tell Saeki the truth as he can't. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

Retrieved 31 March The Flowers of Evil Cover of the first manga volume. His mother is upset. The three have been ignoring each other. Another day, Kasuga carries boxes for Saeki. When she sees Kasuga steal the gym suit, his features become clear to her. Kinoshita asks Kasuga to deliver handouts to Saeki. Retrieved August 30, Kasuga steals Saeki's clothes. He based the eye-flower in the series on an illustration for the book by Odilon Redon , his favorite artist.

Happiness A Trail of Blood. He asks her on a date to manga flowers bookshop. Nakamura comes back, seizes the diary and runs away. Retrieved April 7, The Flowers of Evil Vol. Views Read Edit View history. The final chapter depicts Nakamura's perspective of her first meeting with Kasuga. Manga flowers she does, Kasuga appears on his bike, fully defining her world in both detail and a deep crimson color. The story starts in a small town in Gunma Prefecture [8] and follows Takao Kasuga, a middle manga flowers bookworm whose favorite book is Charles Baudelaire 's Les Fleurs du mal. In the library, Nakamura tells Kasuga that what Saeki really wants is to have sex with him.

Another day, Kasuga carries boxes for Saeki. He writes a composition to convey his feelings to her. The anime adaptation is directed by Hiroshi Nagahama and produced by Zexcs.

Retrieved August 25, Retrieved August 30, Kasuga visits his hometown for his dying grandfather and ends up meeting Kinoshita, who regrets being left behind by Saeki and tells Kasuga where Nakamura moved. Junior High Attack on Titan:

Manga Recommendations #5 The Flowers Of Evil Review ???

Retrieved August 21, Retrieved 17 August Volume 1 was the 3rd best-selling manga for the week of May 13, [50] and Volume 3 manga flowers the manga flowers best-selling manga for the week of October 28,


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