50 Flower Tattoos for Women


The core design is of a flower which is present in its full-bloom state. Each and every segment of this tattoo has been carefully painted to give a real effect. The natural pinks, yellows, and greens, contrast perfectly with the silver and tans of the pencils and brushes, for an added layer of flower tattoos for women flare. The placement of this artwork along the upper thigh region makes it look very sexy.

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The contracting floral pattern starts from the base and ends into a crowning figure. The tattoo comprises of two segments which are floral sections of a single tattoo that are painted on both the foot. A superbly designed lotus flower situated inside an immaculately inked background, this flower tattoo design speaks of inner peace and enlightenment. This seemingly simple floral tattoo design features a single branch of flowers.

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This tattoo idea is born from the modern artwork. This immense and colorful back piece incorporates a wide variety of design and color. The tattoo comprises of two segments that run from the back of the ear till the shoulder region. Unlike other floral tattoo designs that feature nothing but flowers, this one features an anchor covered with pink flowers and blue leaves, perfect for people who want an ocean themed tattoo.. The lined-detailing of the petals and other portions is just exquisite. The open blossoms, and closed blooms, speak of growth and development. The beauty of this artwork is the amazing play with colors that makes it look attractive. The tattoo comprises of a mystical purple flower that spreads perfectly on the neck area at the back. This simple dual rose tattoo features two bright red roses.

The black colored sunflower-figure can be inked anywhere to reflect a pretty artwork. The pink wegmans flowers enhances the look of this body art. Soft pinks, purples, and reds, are offset by a subtle hand drawn background of stems, sprigs, and leaves. The pattern of this tattoo is composed of a floral pattern mixed with textured artwork. The only downside is that due to its black and white appearance, this particular tattoo works best flower tattoos for women pale skin. The wonderful shades of purple and tints of blue make the whole design very attractive. Each and every segment of this tattoo has been carefully painted to give a real effect. If you are in search for a sexy floral tattoo design then this particular artwork flower tattoos for women surely please you.

Home Flowers 50 Flower Tattoos for Women. This is a very vibrant and artistic tattoo. The gorgeous shading makes the tattoo look alive.

This artistic flower tattoos idea features colorful white and violet flowers. This has grown more obvious over time, as they started to be turned into art and imbued with deeper meanings than meets the eye. If you are in search for a unique floral tattoo then you can surely choose this particular design. Done in pastel pinks, reds, and oranges, black stems root these roses to the skin.


Intricacy, color, design, size, signification, everything can vary hugely from one person to another. The main attraction of this tattoo is the beautiful work of the artist to portray the floral design. If you are in search for a sensually active floral tattoo design then check out this flower tattoos for women art. Flower tattoos for women off an aura of female mystique, deep and light purples cascade into black definition lines and shading to provide a sultry, majestic design.


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