155 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs


But a lotus flower might lotus back tattoo well, and if you love the black color, this design is perfect for you. Lotus back tattoo lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment, mental, purity, perfection and spiritual. If you want a massive one, this size is perfect on your back. The dot work might be a tedious one, but the outcome is unbelievably amazing.

Best Back Lotus Tattoo Design Idea

They said simplicity is pretty, so you may want to pick this for your next tattoo. Both designs are meaningful. Colorful lotus flower Colored lotus flower tattoos 4.

55 Pretty Lotus Tattoo Designs

Lotus flower top view The real lotus flower already has a dynamic color, but there people that want their tattoo to be more lively and sharp. Grey-finished lotus flower tattoo Floral tattoos are always very popular among women. Here are 55 pretty lotus tattoo designs for your inspiration. Pretty in a black Those pretty intricate chandeliers are fine too. Needless to say, lotus tattoos can offer you a wide range of designs, just like any other kinds of tattoos out there.

Lotus flower with a wide outline As a tattoo design too, lotus stands for the same attributes in human nature and depicts the thoughts and attitude of the bearer. Padma or lotus back tattoo known as the lotus flower lotus back tattoo a sacred symbol of the Asian culture. Purple Lotus flower tattoos They come in different sizes and each color has a spiritual meaning. Please enter your email address here. Are you a purple lover? The tattoo design is perfect on the back because of its chandelier inspiration.

No sure which part of the body this is, but I love the shading and the colors combined for this tattoo. Still, it already looks beautiful on her.

155+ Trendy Lotus Flower Tattoos That You Donít Want to Miss

Surely this will attract many people to look at your feet. Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Ideas. The Buddha sitting on top of the sacred flower speaks everything. These designs were carefully chosen for your ease.


As a tattoo design too, lotus stands for the same attributes in human nature and depicts the thoughts and attitude of the bearer. The color, the 3D effect, and the boldness of this tattoo design is unbelievably vibrant. If you plan to get an ink lotus back tattoo your fingers, this tattoo design is just the right thing. People who are practicing Buddhism as their religion are also lotus back tattoo of those tattoo lovers in the world who love tattooing lotus flowers on their body.


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